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We believe candidates deserve to be evaluated based on their strongest contributions and proudest professional moments.

​For a candidate to be seen as viable, job search content must proactively address screen-out factors, rank highly on any screening software, and suggest an ability to fit in and thrive.

​Can your Resume and LinkedIn Profile position you as a top candidate?  With tools from Job Search Like a Pro, they can!


About Erica Reckamp

Erica enjoys changing lives as an Executive Resume Writer and Job Search Consultant.

She founded Job Search Like a Pro after serving as Head Writer for a premier executive outplacement firm as well as Senior Writer & Content Strategist for leading job search firms.

While each organization offered distinct value to job seekers, she founded Job Search Like a Pro to enable in-depth partnerships and strategy consultations that can change the course of your career.

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Job Search Like a Pro with Erica Reckamp Job Search Like a Pro


Product description

Filled with regret after hiring a Resume Mill to update your resume?

If you just paid for a resume update and aren’t pleased with the results, check out this tool filled with 16 pages of actionable tips to upgrade your resume today.


Rehab My Resume Mill Resume will show you how to:

  • Brand your resume headline and summary
  • Structure your content to reflect the concerns of hiring authorities
  • Fix common language and grammar problems
  • Decide what to include (and what to cut) in your Education section
  • Use formatting that helps you stand out for the right reasons
  • Include additional sections to make you stand out


Can’t bear the thought of trying to hire another writer or resume firm?

Take advantage of this 16-page tool with before and after examples, plus section-by-section quick fixes that address common resume issues.

You can quickly transform your content into a resume that sounds strong, distinctive, and true to you.


See what other happy customers have to say:

“I wasn’t happy with the resume I purchased from a resume mill company. I wasn’t getting any interviews. Erica introduced me to Rehab My Resume Mill Resume and the difference was like night and day. Once I sent the revised resume I created using this product, I have been having interviews. If you want to spruce up your resume this is the product to use. If you have had your resume completed by a resume mill or even done it yourself, then consider Rehab My Resume Mill Resume. You will not regret it!” – Noel


“I wanted to revive my resume and I have the best ever advice from Erica. If you want to bring value to your resume and take up a DIY approach, you must buy this product” Varshaa


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