Stage 1 Plan Your Job Search

Where are you headed?

Saying “I’m open to anything” often backfires in terms of job search success or can land you in a role that makes you miserable.

The resources below will help you to plan and execute an effective job search journey right from the word go!

Stage 2 Create Your Resume & Cover Letter

Our collection of resume and cover letter templates have been created by some of the world's most-awarded resume writers.

Leverage insights that would typically cost thousands of dollars at a small fraction of the price.

Get access to instant downloads to make writing your resume and cover letter easier than ever.

Stage 3 Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Struggling to get the most out of LinkedIn?

Our panel of job search experts features 8 LinkedIn Top Voices that have been recognized by LinkedIn as some of the best contributors to the platform.

Learn how to set up or optimize your profile and get insider insights into getting more out of LinkedIn.

Stage 4 Start Networking

Meet our team of job search and career experts

Advance your job search fast by tapping into a powerful community!

The adage, “It’s who you know” often rings true in job search.

Our tools guide job seekers step-by-step through building and growing their networks for a fast-track job search.

Stage 5 Prepare For Interviews

Put your best foot forward before hiring managers and decision-makers!

Gone are the days of one-and-done interviews. Today’s modern job seeker often must interview by phone, video, in front of digital AI interview technology, and then in person or in front of groups of people.

From videos to worksheets, educational articles to sample questions and responses – we offer tools to support every type of interview format there is.

Stage 6 Negotiate Your Salary Package

Strategies to get the best offer possible!

Job offer negotiations can be difficult at worst and awkward at best. While all job seekers hope for the best offer possible, negotiating doesn’t come easily to many.

We are here to help strengthen this critical skill.