Rehab My Outplacement Resume

by Job Search Like a Pro with Erica Reckamp

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Improve your outplacement resume with this 17-pg tool that includes before and after examples, as well as section-by-section breakdowns with common problems and quick fixes! 

Stand out for all the right reasons! 

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Job Search Like a Pro with Erica Reckamp Job Search Like a Pro


Product description

Not quite satisfied with your outplacement resume? Sometimes outplacement resumes don’t sound like you, miss the target, use generic boilerplate, or look like everyone else… So is the content redeemable?  

Yes!  Find out how to level up your outplacement resume!  This 17-page resource offers before and after examples and breaks down common issues (and quick fixes!) section by section.  This tool covers:

  • Branding in your headline and summary.
  • Structuring your content with a clear theme, while reflecting the concerns of hiring authorities.
  • Common language and grammar problems.
  • What to include (and what to cut) in your Education section. 
  • Additional sections that boost your candidacy.  
  • Formatting that helps you stand out for the right reasons.  

Now your content can sound like you, align with your target, leverage strong phrasing, and stand out as distinctive!  

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