About Erica Reckamp

Erica enjoys changing lives as an Executive Resume Writer and Job Search Consultant.

She founded Job Search Like a Pro after serving as Head Writer for a premier executive outplacement firm as well as Senior Writer & Content Strategist for leading job search firms.

While each organization offered distinct value to job seekers, she founded Job Search Like a Pro to enable in-depth partnerships and strategy consultations that can change the course of your career.

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Job Search Like a Pro with Erica Reckamp Job Search Like a Pro


Product description

Unhappy with your recruiter resume?

How do you feel about your recruiter resume? Recruiters sometimes dabble in resume writing.

While their intentions are good, recruiter resumes often lack nuance and writing expertise and frequently prioritize recruiter interests, neglecting the concerns of other hiring authorities.


Rehab My Recruiter Resume will show you how to:

  • Taking advantage of branding opportunities in your resume
  • Discern between beneficial metrics and screenout stats
  • Leverage the resume as a marketing collateral as opposed to a career chronology
  • Strengthening your language & grammar
  • Make content easy to scan visually with highlights that showcase value


Plus much more

You can enjoy the benefits of recruiter insights while making sure your resume works in your favor and opens you up to more opportunities.

This 16-page tool goes through common issues with recruiter resumes, providing before and after examples, plus section-by-section quick fixes.

Recruiters see a LOT of resumes, so they know what they like and sometimes they even make changes to your resume.

If a recruiter made changes to your resume, make sure the changes are working in your favor!

Check out this handy tool filled with 16 pages of common issues with recruiter resumes!


Job Search Like a Pro

We believe candidates deserve to be evaluated based on their strongest contributions and proudest professional moments.

​For a candidate to be seen as viable, job search content must proactively address screen-out factors, rank highly on any screening software, and suggest an ability to fit in and thrive.

​Can your Resume and LinkedIn Profile position you as a top candidate?  With tools from Job Search Like a Pro, they can!


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