Female Salary Negotiation Strategies for the Modern Job Search

by Hinge Resume

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Self-promotion isn’t easy—especially for women. Our natural modus operandi is to diminish our accomplishments, overvalue others’ expertise, and question our own value.

And that costs us—not just financially but in our hearts, too.

According to a recent Randstad US report, almost 60% of women have never negotiated their pay. Ladies, it’s time we took charge of our paychecks.

Don’t buy into the idea that you’re not worth it. No matter what you’ve been told, you do have value and your knowledge, experience, skills and gifts have earned you a raise. Now it’s time to go and get it.

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Leave No Money on the Table is the 14-page ebook that teaches you how to confidently and respectfully negotiate your salary. Whether you’re starting fresh at a new role or are seeking a raise where you are, this crucial resource has all the tools you need to handle this uncomfortable topic with ease. You’ve got this.


– Assess Your Job Offer & Prepare to Negotiate

– Salary Comparison Research for Raises

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