Mid-Career Resume Template, Branding Workbook & Video

by Hinge Resume

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Meg Applegate, Certified Resume Writer and Personal Branding Strategist at your service.

As a business woman, wife and mom, I understand what it means to shine at work while balancing life at home. It’s no easy task, right? But oh-so worth it. That’s why my passion is connecting women in every career and life stage to fulfilling jobs that maximize their gifts, talents and experiences.

See, here’s the thing. When we unmask those special qualities that make each of us unique, we can discover the roles we were meant to fill. It really is that easy.

But after years of resume writing and career coaching, I’ve found many women who want more but don’t know how to get there. That’s where I come in.

Using my award-winning skills as a resume writer and job search coach, I come alongside women like you to unlock your superpowers, grow your confidence and land THE job.

Road award winner

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Transform Your Career with Our Mid-Career Resume Template Bundle!

Are you stuck with an outdated resume that no longer represents the professional you’ve become? It’s time for an upgrade with our Mid-Career Resume Template Bundle, designed to help you refresh and rebrand your professional image.


Why Choose Our Template?

  • Modern Design: Our ATS and human-friendly template is crafted in Microsoft Word format, ensuring your resume gets noticed by both ATS recruiters.
  • Content Prompts: Written guides within the template help you seamlessly tailor your resume content.
  • Video Walkthrough: A comprehensive guide by Meg Applegate, an award-winning resume writer, walks you through every step of the process.
  • Trusted Bullet Point Formula: Learn to create impactful bullet points that highlight your achievements and experiences effectively.


Does this sound all too familiar? “My resume doesn’t describe me anymore.” “I’m still using the resume template from my college graduation.”


There is a Better Way.

This bundle offers everything you need to take your resume to the next level of impact and professionalism.

  • Narrative Crafting: Create a compelling career story that showcases your best value and removes outdated information.
  • Guided Content Prompts: Easily plug and play your career experiences with our written prompts and video walkthroughs.
  • Modern Resume Writing Principles: Designed with the latest principles, our template ensures your resume is both engaging and effective.


Bonus: Meg’s Award-Winning Hinge Resume Branding Workbook.

Benefit from award-winning insights into personal branding. Understand why it matters and how to create a standout brand. Learn to infuse your personal brand into a modern, engaging resume.

  • Branding Statement Breakdown: Learn to craft a powerful branding statement that captures your unique value.
  • Self-Reflective Questions: Dive deep into your professional journey with insightful questions that highlight your strengths.
  • Professional Value Assessment: Identify and articulate your key professional assets.
  • Targeted Job Focus: Discover how to pinpoint and effectively communicate your job target.
  • Real-Life Branding Examples: See how effective branding works in action.
  • Resume Writing Tips and Tricks: Enhance your resume with expert advice.


Ready to Demystify Personal Branding and Discover the Real You?

Don’t let an outdated resume hold you back. Invest in our Mid-Career Resume Template Bundle today and unlock the tools you need to propel your career forward with confidence.


Get Started Now and Transform Your Resume!


Check out what Meg’s clients say:

“Thank you for the [resume] help! I just signed an offer letter and scored the biggest raise of my life!” — Josh F., Senior Sales Account Manager

“I accepted a new position in HR! I’m earning $10K more than I was making in [previous sector]! Thanks for all your assistance in making this happen!” — Corinne D., Human Resources & Training Specialist

“Thank you so much for your help! Your coaching provided the boost I needed for my resume! I’m with an awesome new company and my salary increased by 50%.” – Chanell, B., Program Manager

“Two different position interviews and one offer later, I increased my income by $27K and my benefits are phenomenal! With fear of changing industries of over 13 years and being stuck in a position that offered no room for growth, I now have so many more opportunities because of Meg’s help.” – Rachel E., Marketing & Events Specialist

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  • By purchasing and/or downloading this template, you agree to only use the document for personal, non-commercial use and
  • to protect Hinge Resume’s intellectual property
  • Meg is available to provide troubleshooting assistance within Microsoft Word