Resume Branding Workbook

by Hinge Resume

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Just like your favorite product labels, you have exclusive features and qualities that uniquely qualify you to do work that you love. With the award-winning Resume Branding Workbook, you’ll learn why personal branding matters and how to easily infuse your brand for a standout resume.

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Product description

Apply Hinge Resume’s proven branding breakdown to your resume to grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers within this 21-page digital workbook. Get tips, tricks and inspiration on how to weave your personal brand into a modern resume that’s actually interesting to read (and gets you hired).

Ready to demystify personal branding and discover the real you?


– Branding statement breakdown

– Self-reflective questions

– Professional value assessment

– How to nail down your job target

– Examples showing branding in action

– Bonus resume writing tips and tricks