The LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit – Become a LinkedIn Master

by Job Search Secret Weapon

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You absolutely need to use LinkedIn as part of your job search


According to JobScan, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates, so you can’t afford to be invisible online!

We know the challenges that you’ll run into when using LinkedIn, that’s why we developed this toolkit to equip you with proven tools and strategies.


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Product description

The LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit is an easy-to-use collection of guides, scripts and videos containing everything you need to use LinkedIn as part of your job search.


Why Choose the LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit?

The carefully crafted materials in this toolkit will teach you how to use LinkedIn to network like a pro and land a job faster.

Like you, many job seekers often wonder why they aren’t getting any job search results from LinkedIn.

We have carefully researched the challenges that job seekers encounter when using LinkedIn to search for jobs, and have developed this toolkit to equip you with the proven tools and strategies that you need to succeed on LinkedIn.


The LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit Has Everything You Need

Eight guides will make you a LinkedIn expert and help you create a powerful LinkedIn profile

  • How to Write a LinkedIn Headline That Gets Attention
  • How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn About Section
  • Prompts For Writing Your LinkedIn Summary Section
  • 8 Steps for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
  • Your Guide to LinkedIn Recommendations
  • How To Connect on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Engagement – 5 Best Practices
  • How to Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader

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3 Videos will support and embed your learning

  • How to Get Attention on LinkedIn
  • How to Engage on LinkedIn
  • How to Choose the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot


5 Scripts will help you to reach out

  • Effortlessly connect with recruiters, decision-makers and key contacts on LinkedIn


Who Is This Toolkit For?

Anyone looking to harness the power and reach of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the doorway into unlimited professional opportunities. This toolkit will unlock your ability to professionally network both now and in the future.

Support your job search, business development or professional networking with these expert-created tools.

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Who’s Behind the LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit?

You’ll benefit from the combined experience of four of the most recognized, awarded and respected coaches on LinkedIn, today!

Adrienne Tom, Virginia Franco, Ana Lokotkova and Sarah Johnston.
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See What People Say About Job Search Secret Weapon’s Tools

“I wanted to say thank you. I ordered the complete job search toolkit and used every bit of it. I landed my dream job that had over 500 applicants and I know I could not have done it without your tips. Best money I’ve ever spent”.

Job Seeker, California


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