High Impact Resume Bullet Statements

by Job Search Secret Weapon

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Write High-Impact Resume Bullet Statements Today!

Want to position yourself as the top candidate?

You need to ensure that every statement in your resume is related, high-impact, demonstrates value, and is measurable.


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Bringing together the expertise and experience of Virginia Franco, Sarah Johnston and Adrienne Tom, three career and job search experts that share a common goal to help cut through the noise and fast-track your success.


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Product description

Craft excellent resume bullet points

When creating a resume, it is essential to develop resume bullet points and statements that show how you made a positive impact in all of your past positions.


Employers measure success when they analyze candidates

The person reviewing your resume needs to know ‘what’s in it for me if I hire you?’.

To prove you are the best candidate, all statements in your resume need to show value, and they need to be measurable.

Many candidates miss this, and that’s often why they make hundreds of applications but hear nothing back.


How can you write great resume bullet points and statements?

In this exclusive guide, you’ll get over 35 resume bullet point examples to help you craft high-impact statements of your own.

These resume bullet point examples are broken down and organized into multiple categories.

You’ll have no trouble demonstrating your abilities and skills across all vital areas.

We have also provided specific and tailored action verbs for well-aligned industries.



Take a look at a few examples

  • Rescued distressed $1M key account, reversing NPS of -4 to +9 in 1 year, increasing client revenue 20%.
  • Led a zero-impact migration of 125 complex applications (80% greenfield and 20% brownfield) from local to global repository.
  • Successfully delivered 150+ events per year, establishing a strong reputation in the industry and unlocking exclusive partnership opportunities with top local venues.
  • Delivered profitable growth 6 months ahead of 24-month schedule, expanding sales revenue as much as 94% YOY in a new country with limited resources.


Each and every one of our resume bullet statement examples has been written by Credentialed Resume Writers who have helped thousands of clients land incredible career opportunities!



This tool helps people land jobs!

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Created by job search experts

Job Search Secret Weapon brings together the knowledge, skills and expertise of three of the most recognized career experts in the USA.

Adrienne Tom, Virginia Franco and Sarah Johnston