Client Success Story: “I was laid off”

August 22, 2021

Has it been many years since you dusted off your resume, put yourself into job search mode, and started to look for work?

As a result, you might be wondering where to start and which activities to focus on.

A client of mine at Career Impressions – John – approached me for similar advice: “Adrienne, I was laid off. It has been many years since I have had to job search and I’m not sure where to start. Can you help?“.

A top professional, John had built a flourishing career in a well-known oil and gas company. When the local economy dipped — despite years of dedicated work history with the company — he was let go.

Looking for work for the first time in a long time was overwhelming for John, who hadn’t had to think about job search strategies, updating a resume, or preparing for an interview for many years.

He found that job searching had changed a lot, and there was a lot of confusing information on the internet.

Together we outlined modern strategies, and I shared the importance of pairing a diversified job search plan with robust career tools (resume and LinkedIn profile) to improve success. I pointed out and shared many of JSJ’s resources to help John move forward.

By eliminating the guesswork and providing trusted materials, John was able to put himself out into the market with confidence and land a role he really enjoyed in just a few months:

“I wanted to let you know that I got a new job with XXXX Oil and Gas in Wyoming. I start next week. It will involve doing the type of engineering management work I enjoy. Thank you again for your amazing work in helping me redesign my resume and prepare for a job search. I’ve recommended you to many people.” – John


Often people become so entrenched in their work and their careers that they forget to keep job search skills sharp — can you relate?

Resources to help if you’ve been laid off

I’m excited to join forces with other job search experts to provide job seekers of all levels with access to current, trusted resources with the world’s first global marketplace for job seekers — Job Search Journey (JSJ).

Here at JSJ, we take the guesswork out of the job search process, providing actionable insights and resources that can put you on a path to success, helping you secure the job you deserve, faster.

Regardless of where you are at in the job search journey, the JSJ marketplace has you covered!


Are you just starting a job search?

Check out our job search scheduling guide.

Are you ready to write a modern and high-impact resume?

Our complete resume and cover letter kit has it all.

Are you looking to brush up on your interview skills and answer tough questions?

This guide can help.

Are you preparing to negotiate your salary?

Our early compensation conversation resource has advice.


In conclusion, our marketplace will help you through all stages of job search!


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