Pre-Interview Guide and Workbook

by Job Search Secret Weapon

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Don’t enter into employment interviews blindly. To boost your confidence, our pre-interview guide provides various tools for preparation. Tools include:

  • Interview Prep Schedule
  • Both Common and Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Case Interviews
  • Pre-Interview Research

And much more!

Stay ahead of the game by studying your employers and hiring managers beforehand. Being knowledgeable about the company helps you stand out from the rest of the interview applicants!

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Job Search Secret Weapon Job Search Secret Weapon


Product description

You should ALWAYS prepare for every employment interview!

This comprehensive guide and workbook will help you:

  • Create an interview prep schedule (with examples)
  • Conduct pre-interview research (a must)
  • Practice different, and common, interview questions
  • Brainstorm and capture STAR stories
  • Prioritize relevant skills and strengths
  • Become aware of illegal questions
  • Prep questions of your own to ask (yes, you!)
  • Learn about case interviews

With space to capture your thoughts and research facts, this workbook will ensure you shine at your next employment interview.

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