How To Use Video For Job Search and Career

by Career Sherpa

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If you’ve ever thought about using videos to get the message out about your career accomplishments, now is definitely the time. 

It’s never been easier or more important to create videos that help people discover your greatness. 

Learn how to create videos that help you stand out, be remembered and attract opportunities.

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Video can make a huge difference for you, your personal brand and your online visibility, for both job search and career advancement.

In our 32-page ebook you’ll read about all the types of video you can use and which types work best.

You’ll learn:

  • What video does for your personal brand
  • Why you need to be visible online
  • The problems with video resumes
  • The different types and styles of videos
  • What to put in your videos
  • How to create your videos
  • How and where to post your videos
  • How and where to upload your videos on various social media channels

This is your chance to use video for job search and career-long personal branding.

Stand out, be remembered, attract opportunities.