Meg Guiseppi -- Personal Branding and Job Search Strategist

For more than 20 years I've been helping job seekers stand out, be remembered and attract good-fit opportunities.

Spend just a few moments on the blog and there's no mistaking Meg's vibrant writing, personal marketing savvy, and talent for job search personal brand positioning.

A leading voice on personal branding for job search, her mission in her writing and job search services is to help job seekers differentiate and communicate what makes them unique and valuable to the employers they want to work for.

To provide the best quality writing for job seekers, she gained a solid foundation in first-class professional training over the course of her career, and earned 10 careers industry certifications in resume writing, personal branding, online identity, and job search/career coaching.

Her job search and personal branding subject matter expertise have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, FastCompany, Huffington Post, Inc., The Economist, Next Avenue, and many other esteemed publications.

Meg's advice to job seekers: A resume alone is not enough to get you into that next great gig.

To keep pace with your competition in job search, you need a far-reaching toolkit that includes:

* LinkedIn and other social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, etc.)
* Collateral personal brand marketing materials (biography, cover letters, and other supporting documents)
* A strong online presence with visual content (video, visual content, infographics, etc.)
* Purposeful networking (in-person and online)
* Targeted company and industry research

Here's what one job seeker said about working with Meg:

"Even though I have spent decades helping organizations build their brands, I was stumped when it came to building my own personal brand. You helped me crack the code quickly and showed me that I had all of the tools at my fingertips.

You helped me strategize and organize my strengths into a brand identity that truly communicates what I want potential CEOs to see in me. Writing is clearly among your top 3 strengths -- colorful and captivating copy resulting in immediate increased attention on my LinkedIn profile from c-suite executives and career recruiters."

And here's another job seeker's assessment of her work:

"Meg's process is structured and virtuoso and will help you land an executive job quicker and with a lot less agony. I strongly recommend her services as they seamlessly helped me transfer from one executive challenge to the next.

Meg's approach helped me to focus in a way I have not experienced it before. I was working on documents, positioning and mission statement much like a branding professional. Yet, this time I was the brand.

Subsequently, she helped me with my mission, my values, and facilitated my pivotal strengths to unfold uniquely.

Meg was a master resume adviser to me, but this is only a short description of her canny talents. Meg is a maven when it comes to defining your digital presence. This is where Meg Guiseppi's work is priceless."

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