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We help you use stories to land ideal work, and if you don't know what ideal work is, we help with that too. Stories + Career Strategy

Career Stories is run by Kerri Twigg, author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Career Stories Method, and international Story Coach with over 20 years of experience helping people find and express their stories.

Our specialty is using story-based techniques to help you figure out what makes you awesome, where the best place is to use your awesome, and then how to tell better stories to land ideal work.

Career Stories helps become a memorable storyteller, utilizing storytelling techniques in your resume, LinkedIn, and at job interviews. They also help you to know yourself and your value so the contour of your job search actions are expressed skillfully.

Previous clients have used Career Stories' classes and workshops to land work or get promoted at:

- LinkedIn
- Rachel Cargle
- Canadian Federal Government
and plenty of cool start-ups & B-Corps all over the world

Stories play a huge role in a job search -- not only the ones you tell others but especially the ones you tell yourself.

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