Top Performing Resume Template – The Charlotte

by Traction Resume

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Are you a top performer?

Do you know you have what it takes to reach the top and keep on climbing?

Are you unsure how to make other people see this?

You’re in the right place…


Claire Davis and Traction Resume provide resumes and personal branding for today’s top performers.

Claire has helped countless top performers like yourself land great roles with dream companies, and she does this by leveraging the sales techniques they already know.

For the first time, Claire’s top performing resume templates are now available for you to download!

Get started…

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You’re about to harness the power of Professional Branding in a snap 💢

This top performing Resume Template will help you to position yourself as the authority in your field, while highlighting your unique value proposition.


Here’s what you’ll get when you download The Charlotte edition today:

1. An expertly designed and crafted resume template

2. Guided copy showing you what to write and how to write it

3. A resume template that’s easy to format and update for each job application


🤫 Psst…you’ll love when your interviewer asks how you designed this awesome resume. 🏝

You’ve got this!