60 Careeronyns To Use For Your Job Search

by PortfolioRocket

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I’m Loren Greiff and I love creatives and marketers

My career took off in NYC as a VP at J. Walter Thompson. For the past 10+ years, I’ve established myself as a top performer recognized for my ability to serve demanding clients, identify talent unicorns, and drive excellence in the industry.

PortfolioRocket is the culmination of more than 25 years in corporate design and marketing positions across Global Agencies, Corporate In-House teams, Creative Staffing and Managing Consulting.

Portfolio Rocket provides rocket fuel for Creatives & Marketers

  • Art Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Brand Strategists
  • Content Creators
  • Creative Directors
  • Customer Experience Designers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Executive Creatives
  • Learning Experience Designers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Product Designers
  • Senior Designers
  • UX Experts
  • Video Gamers
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Product description

60+ Careeroymns – easy hacks to remember essential frameworks

60+ career acronyms for you to easily remember useful frameworks from 20+ LinkedIn’s Top Career Experts covering:

  • All Things Interviews
  • No Nonsense Networking
  • Resonating Resumes/CVs
  • Content Creation
  • $alary Negotiation
  • Career Success
  • Leaving Your Job

You can use these Careeroymns from end to end in your search and they make especially great post-its!

For example, they can serve as vital reminders to prevent over-talking or getting off-topic. 

This unique resource will help you to nail each element of your job search, making it easy to remember the essentials and put great advice into action.

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“Loren Greiff is all in. She couldn’t be more dedicated to serving her clients and teaching you what she has spent decades learning. She’s a true master of her craft. Taking her class, and joining a cohort makes you one of the lucky ones. You do the work, but she provides the framework and a clear path for your efforts. I have no doubt that my job offer was a direct result of everything she taught me: access the hidden job market, know your value, focus, position yourself for what you want, negotiate for what you are worth, and be rewarded for the value you bring to the table” – Amy Shiller Brown, Account Director



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