The Official 2021 Careeronym Guide (+60 “Careeronyns” To Use For Your Search from +20 Experts)

by PortfolioRocket

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60+ career acronyms for you to easily remember useful frameworks from 20+ LinkedIn’s Top Career Experts covering: 

  • All Things Interviews 
  • No Nonsense Networking 
  • Resonating Resumes/CVs 
  • Content Creation 
  • $alary Negotiation 
  • Career Success 
  • Leaving Your Job 
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Product description

In these guide you will get +60 Careeroymns offering easy hacks to remember frameworks like:  

How to show up to interviews: 


F: Focus on your experience stories on what THEY care about

A: Ask what problems they’re trying to solve

C: Create 3-5 experience stories demonstrating your attitude & accomplishments in context to their problems

E: EDIT out unnecessary filler!

Or when networking as for AIR

A: Advice

I: Information

R: Recommendations

Use them from end to end in your search. 

And these make especially great post-its!!

For example: They can serve as vital reminders to prevent against over talking or getting off topic. 

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