Tell Me About Yourself: Video 1

by Job Search Journey

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How do you start with a good hook when you’re introducing yourself to hiring managers or top companies? Our video demonstrates the process to create one through an applicable example!

Follow along with our excellent visual aid with our 9-page pocket product guide.

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Information about the publisher

Job Search Journey


Product description

This video is a visual aid to help you introduce yourself to top employers in a professional manner! It provides one of the answers to the most common interview question – Tell Me About Yourself.

Our first video teaches job seekers about creating a good hook through a practical example.

Purchase this video alongside our pocket product to review and critique the examples. Our strategies not only include important topics but also focuses on their pain points and potential opportunities.

**Note: Videos and Guide are sold separately unless you purchase the complete kit!**

* All prices are in USD and kits are non-refundable. 

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