Salary Expectations Response Guide

by Kate Dixon Salary Negotiation Coach

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Has a recruiter or hiring manager asked you about your salary expectations? Or your pay history? It’s hard to know whether you should say what you want first, or ask your prospective employer to go first.

Your answers are waiting in the Salary Expectations Response Guide.


Salary negotiation coach Kate Dixon walks you through what to say – and when to say it – with this audio guide, script set, and worksheet.

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Information about the publisher

Kate Dixon Salary Negotiation Coach Kate Dixon Salary Negotiation Coach


Product description

Learn exactly how to respond to the question: “What are your salary expectations?” with the Salary Expectations Response Guide.


This unique toolset gives you access to:

·      Salary Expectations Audio Guide. Kate will talk you through different salary expectations scenarios and when to use each one.

·      Salary Expectations Script Set. You’ll get the word-for-word scripts Kate uses in her Audio Guide. 

·      Salary Expectations Worksheet. Your worksheet will help you lock in your learning and customize your scripts for your unique job search situation.