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A clean, modern design with hints of green.

Take the stress out of trying to create a format. This easy-to-use, two-page modern template showcases your skillset, roles, and career progression.

The made-for-you template comes with prompts to show you where to add each piece of your information. 

All of our templates are made in Microsoft Word for pc’s. 

“It’s two sheets of pure gold leaf. Thank you. I think it’s ready for prime time.” -D. Beauf


Hello! I’m Erin Kennedy, owner of Professional Resume Services, home to the best certified, multi-certified, and award-winning resume writers on the planet.

Welcome to my store!

I was happy to collaborate with Sarah, Virginia, and Adrienne by adding some of our best resume templates to this one-stop-shop online marketplace for jobseekers everywhere.

With 22 years of resume writing experience combined with decades of experience of my writers, we know how to create a resume that will get the attention of the hiring manager.

These custom-created templates will help you organize your career information in a reverse-chronological way (a recruiter favorite). 

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