Nonprofit Board Level Resume Template & Guide

by MyPro Resumes & Recruiting

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Angela is an award-winning, multi-credentialed Executive Resume Writer, Human Resources Professional, Career Transition Coach and Corporate Recruiter.

She stays abreast of current hiring trends as a member of the National Resume Writers Association, Career Directors International, the Career Thought Leaders Consortium and the Recruiter Academy.

Angela has been featured numerous times as a Careers Industry Expert by top media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider and LinkedIn News.

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Product description

Nonprofit Board Resume Template


Nonprofit board resumes shouldn’t just be a revised version of your executive resume.

While there are some similarities (such as maintaining a high-level perspective), there are many differences (including the type of language used throughout).

This ready-to-use nonprofit board resume template and complementary guide will walk you through writing best-practice content, section by section.

You will learn how to present yourself as a viable candidate for competitive nonprofit board seats and how to align your areas of expertise with both specific and common board needs.


What you’ll get when you download this board resume template

  • A best practice board resume design that can convey key points and cultivate interest from selection committees.
  • An easy-to-use document where you simply type your content over the provided text.
  • A strategic template created by a former Fortune 500 Recruiter.
  • 18-page guide to writing your board resume.


10-day money-back guarantee

If you change your mind for any reason within 10 days of purchase, I’ll give you a full refund or a new template bundle of your choice from my range.

Simply email me at

  • A refund or exchange request must reach the above mailbox within 10-days of purchase
  • Your template can be exchanged for any template bundle from the My Pro Resume Range of equal value


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