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Hi, I’m Hannah, welcome to my store!


I have spent years working as an international recruiter, executive resume writer, interview coach and job search strategist. As part of a FTSE100 recruitment company, and as the founder of my own business, I have helped hundreds of professionals land great roles in fantastic organisations.


Named LinkedIn Top Voice 2021 for Job Searching and Careers, I now have the privilege of sharing my knowledge with my network of over 600,000 followers.


Over the course of my career I have reviewed, proof read and written thousands of resumes, and have developed a deep insight into the world of recruitment and hiring. I know what it takes for candidates to land great career opportunities.


That’s why I’m thrilled to bring all of my expertise and experience to this new line of resources. Each resource has been created by me, and incorporates all of the best practice principles that I use when coaching my executive clients – you’re in safe hands!


I believe that everyone should have access to best practice techniques and the resources that give executive candidates a cutting edge.


If you have any questions about my range, or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Wishing you all the best,

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The English Meeting Room


Product description

Three Steps to a Successful Job Search


Do you recognize any of these statements?


“I spend hours every day on my job search but I’m not getting called to interviews”


“I’ve applied to hundreds of roles and recruiters don’t give me any feedback on my applications”


“I know I desperately need a new job but I’m so consumed with my current situation, I don’t have capacity to launch a job search”


“Looking for a new job is starting to feel like a job in itself”


“I want to land a new role, but I don’t even know where to begin”


Do any of these sound like you? I’ve worked with job-seekers for many years (as a recruiter and now as a CV Writer and Job Search Strategist) and I’ve heard the above sentiments many times.


The reality is, finding a job is more difficult than most of us would imagine. What’s more, the rules of the game seem to be constantly changing and the advice we’ve received from friends, relatives and from our education often doesn’t seem to work. Put your hand up if an older relative has advised you to hand deliver a hardcopy of your CV to businesses!


So, what do you do? Give up and stay unemployed or in a job that is no longer right for you? Well, none of us really want that.


This guide delves into what I believe are the three ESSENTIAL steps to beginning any successful job search.




In this easy to read and instantly downloadable guide I’ll teach you how to;


▶︎How you can get clear on the job that you want

▶︎Detail and communicate exactly what it is you can bring to the role

▶︎How to make the most of the job search toolkit that you already possess

▶︎Printable worksheets will help you to develop a clear strategy, so that you invest your time and resources on the right things

▶︎Understand how to network, make online applications count and develop relationships with agency recruiters that yield results


If you are about to embark on a job search, or you feel stuck, this is the guide for you



Supercharge Your Profile with LinkedIn Recommendations


Did you know that LinkedIn Recommendations are one of the most overlooked, and yet one of the most powerful elements of LinkedIn?


Whether you are looking to land your next career opportunity, or secure more clients and business opportunities, LinkedIn recommendations are a valuable resource. 


In this guide, I will cover what LinkedIn recommendations are and why they’re important, as well as guide you through exactly how you can get great recommendations on your profile.


At the end of this guide, I have included templates that will help you to ask colleagues, managers and clients to leave you a powerful recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.


Want to supercharge your profile? Download this guide now!


In this easy to read and instantly downloadable guide you’ll learn;


▶︎Exactly what LinkedIn recommendations are

▶︎Why LinkedIn recommendations are important not only to a job seeker but to any serious professional or business owner

▶︎How many recommendations you should aim to have on your profile

▶︎Whom you should approach for a recommendation

▶︎Mistakes to avoid



Email Templates for Contacting Hiring Managers & Recruiters


Contacting recruiters and hiring managers directly is a strategy that is much more likely to yield positive results than simply applying for roles online.


As recruiters we spent years reading email and inmail correspondence from thousands of job seekers. Some of those messages were excellent and gave a great impression of the candidate.


However, we found that the vast majority of applicants would send generic emails, missing the opportunity to stand out and make a positive impression.


In this guide you’ll find templates that you can copy, paste and customize to suit your needs. 


Don’t send out anymore messages that fail to get you the responses you deserve.


We’ll tell you the mistakes that you need to avoid, plus the things you absolutely need to do to get your messages read.


In this easy to read and instantly downloadable guide you’ll receive;

▶︎ Four email and inmail scripts written by an ex recruiter and job search strategist 


1. Applying for a role

2. Following up on a job application

3. A speculative email to a hiring manager 

4. A speculative email to an agency recruiter


▶︎Instant download so that you can begin applying to roles today


▶︎The scripts and insider tips that you need to bypass online systems and access the hidden job market


▶︎Insider expertise from years of international recruitment experience



Get your job search off to the right start!





For more information about us visit –



* All prices are in USD and kits are non-refundable

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