Job Interview Secrets – Master the Top 10 Interview Questions

by Self Made Millennial

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Hi, I’m Madeline Mann, creator of Self Made Millennial.

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You’re about to become an interview pro with my ‘Job Interview Secrets – Master the Top 10 Interview Questions’ eBook.

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Self Made Millennial


Product description

The Exact Secrets to Master the Top 10 Job Interview Questions

Madeline Mann shares her expert insight and guidance for mastering the most important job interview questions.

From the creator of Self Made Millennial, get the 10 most-asked interview questions with proven answer formulas & examples.

Learn how to absolutely ace your next job interview with Madeline Mann

Madeline Mann will teach you why companies ask these interview questions, the formula to answer, and expert example responses.

We see the same job interview questions asked time and time again, which is why studying the frameworks and examples in this book is so effective for interview prep.


The 10 most asked interview questions

    • Why did you leave your last job?
    • ​Why do you want to work here?
    • ​Tell me about yourself.
    • ​Why should we hire you?
    • ​What is your greatest strength?
    • ​What is your greatest weakness?
    • ​Tell me about a time you failed.
    • ​Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • ​What work environment do you prefer?
    • ​What is your leadership style?

See what other people say about Job Interview Secrets

“Today I followed the suggestions laid out clearly in Madeline’s ebook guide and completely SLAYED my interview. The biggest value I received from her ebook was the “why” behind each HR tested question. Digging in to understand why I should answer a question in a certain way was eye-opening…and more importantly it worked! – Suzanne M

“I have used ‘Job Interview Secrets’ in 3 phone interviews. I received a follow up call from all 3 companies asking me to progress to the 2nd round of interviews.” – Jamey N

This book surprised me and blew my mind. In less than 50 pages, you will be ready to crush any job interview. I love how Madeline breaks the information down. Chapter by chapter, she goes, in valuable detail, through the most important question every job seeker needs to know how to answer properly.” Juan Pablo B

About Madeline Mann and Self Made Millennial

I have landed thousands of people career-defining jobs because of my experience as a Human Resources leader who knows all the behind-the-scenes secrets.

I founded Self Made Millennial, which was named a Top 5 Career Youtube Channel by Career Karma, the #2 Career-Focused TikTok channel, second only to Gary Vaynerchuk, and am part of the exclusive group of LinkedIn Learning Instructors.

My clients have accepted jobs at Google, Deloitte, Hilton, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, NBC Universal, Netflix, EY, and more.


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