The Complete Interview Preparation Kit

by Job Search Secret Weapon

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The only interview kit you’ll ever need!


Get 14 detailed guides & two instructional videos all in one complete kit, covering every stage of the job interview process.


This pack will make you a job interview expert.


Created by three award-winning job search coaches, you’ll get everything you need to help you through each stage of your interview process.


Get ready to land that offer!


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Job Search Secret Weapon Job Search Secret Weapon


Product description

Your next job interview could open the door into a life changing career opportunity.

That’s no exaggeration, a successful job interview can change the course of your life and career.

And that’s why job interviews are so scary!


There’s a lot riding on your interview performance

You cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to job interviews. Research and preparation are key drivers for interview success.

But don’t panic. Trust us when we say; anyone can learn how to be an interview pro. The more you understand how job interviews work and what the interviewer expects of you, the more confident you’ll be.

In order to be successful in a modern job interview, you need to understand how to prepare, how to understand the needs of the organization, how to get the interviewer on your side, and which questions you should and shouldn’t ask.

We’ve created a complete collection of resources that will help you to ace any job interview.


Get 14 detailed guides & two instructional videos all in one complete kit

Covering every stage of the job interview process.


Preparation & research

  • Interview Preparation Worksheet
  • 6 Simple Steps to Prepare for Your Interview Fast
  • Pre-Interview Guide and Workbook
  • Pre-Interview Research Worksheet

Answering tough interview questions

  • Crafting Your Pitch
  • Behavioral Interview Guide
  • The 20 Most Common Interview Questions
  • How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself
  • Tell Me About Yourself – Part One – Video with Sarah Johnston
  • Tell Me About Yourself – Part Two – Video with Sarah Johnston

Mastering different interview situations

  • Different Interview Types Call for Different Strategies
  • Your Guide to Phone and Video Interviews
  • One-Way Digital Video Interviewing 101

The day of your interview

  • Strategies For The Day of Your Interview
  • 25 Great Questions You can Ask During a Job Interview
  • Scripts For Post Interview Thank You Notes


Years of professional interview coaching experience in one complete toolkit

Job search and career experts, Adrienne TomVirginia Franco and Sarah Johnston have combined years of interview coaching experience into this one unique and complete toolkit.


Learn how to:

  • Capture relevant details before every interview
  • Memorably engage your interviewer
  • Perform in every unique interview context
  • Apply killer strategies for the day of your interview
  • Practice 20 common questions
  • Ask insightful questions of your own
  • And much much more


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“I wanted to say thank you. I ordered The Complete Job Search Toolkit and used every bit of it. I landed my dream job that had over 500 applicants and I know I could not have done it without your tips. Best money I’ve ever spent”.

Job Seeker, California


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