How to Use Video for Job Search and Career

by Meg Guiseppi -- Personal Branding and Job Search Strategist

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The right kind of video for job search can help you land the job or promotion you want. If you want to stand out, be remembered and attract opportunities, video is essential.

• Video has a greater impact on people than plain text.

• Videos posted anywhere online rank higher in search engines than plain text.

• Video gets super fast results for your online visibility, sometimes within minutes.

In our 32-page ebook you’ll read about all the types of video you can use, which types work best, and how to post them on LinkedIn and other social channels.

Get a handle on why video is so important for job search and career, how to create your own videos, and how and where to use them.

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Product description

In our 32-page ebook you’ll read about all the types of video you can use and which types work best.

You’ll learn:

• What video does for your personal brand

• Why you need to be visible online

• The problems with video resumes

• The different types and styles of videos

• How you can easily create powerful videos without knowing anything about video production

• What to put in your videos

• How and where to post your videos — LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

• How and where to upload your videos on various social media channels

Stand out by being an early adopter of video. Start building your video strategy now.

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