How to Make An Awesome First Impression

by Career Stories

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Improve the first impression you make.

Build your reputation, network, and access to opportunities by making an awesome first impression.

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Product description

So often we show up at events or meetings unaware of what our body, words, and behavior say about us. You have already read all the networking books that sell unnatural scripts and weird lines that feel awful to say. You need more.
What if you felt confident when meeting new people?
What if you looked forward to it?
What if it opened opportunities for you without needing to memorize a script?
Imagine what that would do for your career and job search. 
The class will help you to:

  • Be aware of how you hold your body, and what impression it gives about you
  • Set an intention for every event you attend
  • Introduce yourself in three new ways that have nothing to do with your job title
  • Start a conversation with someone
  • Help other people feel heard and awesome (which leads to an expanded network and support)
  • Leave conversations so that the other person is excited to hear from you again
  • Know how to follow-up, when, how and what to say

This class comes with drive short videos and a networking event intention worksheet.

This is not just for job seekers. It is for anyone who wants to show up more and ensure they do it intentionally. I want you to feel great about the way you network, and this goes way beyond knowing an elevator speech.
This is the same training I have delivered to University directors, women business leaders, and professionals throughout North America. I use techniques from drama, storytelling, and mindfulness practice to help you make the most awesome impression at online or in-person networking events.