How To Land Conversations For Your Target Role

by DxConsulting

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You applied to 25 roles 3 weeks ago

At that moment, you felt unstoppable and were proud

Now? You have 15 rejections and haven’t heard back from 10 of them

Look at your odds in that situation!

They aren’t good

What do I suggest?

Go have 10 conversations with people who are in the roles you want to be in

Not sure how to land those conversations?

I pulled together 7 proven outreach templates and 16 questions that have helped me create meaningful conversations

Conversations that lead to new clients, job opportunities, and professional growth that I would have never received by filling out applications

It’s time for you to try a new strategy

Find yours below 👇🏼

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Product description

Job hunting is one of the most stressful times of your life

I’ve been there and I’ve built this guide to limit those moments where you want to cry or give up…

You are struggling to have conversations with the right people and it’s preventing you from landing your next opportunity.

“I don’t know where to start”

“I don’t know how to land a conversation”

“I don’t know who to have a conversation with”

These are quotes I’ve heard from job seekers when I ask them to focus on Conversations > Applications.

Get this guide if you find yourself trying to answer those questions, it’s going to provide the following…

  1. Dos and Don’ts of having the right conversations

  2. 16 questions to create a meaningful conversation

  3. 7 different pools of professionals to contact and a template for each

What transformations are you going to get from this as a job seeker?

  • Confidence to begin your outreach with the right people

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety before the conversation

  • Realization around if the role is the right fit for you

  • An insanely strong network forever

Need more?

I talk about it almost every single day on LinkedIn

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