Effective Networking Template/Scripts


by Sweta Regmi Teachndo

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8 pages of effective networking scripts/samples

An informational interview guide

Step-by-step guide on how to ask for an informational interview with a sample guide!

LinkedIn Networking Templates
– First connection request 

– Getting in through volunteering, how to ask? 

– Not sure who the hiring manager is, using this sample script 

Outreach After Applying Online, what to include?  

Email cover letter sample

Networking Sample Questions for introvert and extrovert 

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Information about the publisher

Sweta Regmi Teachndo


Product description

8 Pages of Effective Networking Scripts/Samples

Networking Template/Scripts

  • Scripts to use on LinkedIn or e-mail to help you reach out to strangers and/or hiring managers during your job search.
  • Turn the no to yes by building a long-term relationship with the sample that works for your industry and any role!
  • Our clients use similar customized techniques!

See the example below!

Sweta is an exceptional Career Consultant. The level of targeted practical advice she offers is extremely valuable. She always has suggestions that are on point. Spot on with her advice on using LinkedIn, networking and interviewing, found it highly informative. She understands how to leverage LinkedIn better than anyone I have met. She offers great insights to help her clients. Sweta genuinely cares about ensuring her client’s success”

Networking response!
The client got the Government Job!



Informational interview
Reaching out to the hiring manager using our sample    

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