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Angela is an award-winning, multi-credentialed Executive Resume Writer, Human Resources Professional, Career Transition Coach and Corporate Recruiter. She has been featured by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn News and more.

Angela aids job seekers and executives from all disciplines to effectively represent themselves by developing unique, compelling personal brands, resume documents and introductory letters.

As an active member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association, Career Directors International and the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, she continuously studies best practices and provides expert advice to both association members and job seekers.

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Board Resume Writing Guide

Crafting a board resume is a unique challenge that requires more than just tweaking your executive resume.

While maintaining a high-level perspective is crucial, there are significant differences, such as the specific language and focus needed.

Our comprehensive board resume guide is here to help you navigate these differences and create a compelling board resume that highlights your qualifications and aligns with board needs.


Why You Need a Board Resume Writing Guide

Tailored Content: A board resume needs to emphasize governance, strategic oversight, and leadership capabilities. This board resume guide helps you craft content that highlights these critical areas.

Distinct Language: The language used in a board resume differs from that in an executive resume. Our board resume writing guide provides you with the right terminology and phrasing to resonate with board selection committees.

Strategic Positioning: Boards are looking for candidates who can contribute to their specific needs and goals. This board resume writing guide teaches you how to align your expertise with the common and specific needs of various boards.

Enhanced Presentation: A well-designed board resume isn’t just about content; it’s about presentation. Our guide includes tips on visual elements to make your resume stand out.


This Board Resume Writing Guide will help you apply to all kinds of board positions, including:

Corporate Boards: Overseeing the strategic direction and governance of publicly traded or private companies.

Nonprofit Boards: Contributing to the mission and goals of nonprofit organizations through governance and fundraising.

Advisory Boards: Providing expert advice and strategic insights to organizations in a less formal capacity.

Government Boards: Participating in governance and policy-making for government agencies and public institutions.

Educational Boards: Guiding the direction and policies of educational institutions, including universities and school districts.

Healthcare Boards: Overseeing healthcare organizations, hospitals, and health systems to ensure effective governance and strategy.


What You’ll Get When You Download This Board Resume Writing Guide

Expert Advice and Guidance: This 18-page board resume guide is packed with expert advice from an award-winning executive resume writer and former Fortune 500 recruiter. You’ll receive professional insights on how to structure and phrase your resume.

Section-by-Section Breakdown: The guide walks you through each section of a board resume, ensuring you understand what information to include and how to present it effectively.

Strategic Insights: Learn how to position yourself as a top candidate for competitive board seats. The guide provides strategic insights into what boards are looking for and how to highlight your relevant experience.

Visual Examples: See recommendations in action with visual elements that demonstrate how to apply the advice to your resume. These examples help you understand the best practices for layout and design.

Alignment with Board Needs: The guide teaches you how to align your areas of expertise with both specific and common board needs, making you a more attractive candidate.

Practical Tips: From choosing the right font to the optimal length of each section, this guide covers practical aspects of board resume writing to ensure your document is professional and polished.


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