Behavioural Interviews and the STAR Technique

by The English Meeting Room

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Behavioural Interviews and the STAR Technique


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Master the STAR technique and excel in your next behavioural interview

▶︎ A comprehensive guide to mastering one of the most common interview formats used by multinational organisations. 

▶︎ Written by two ex-recruiters who have coached hundreds of candidates to perform in challenging interview situations. 

▶︎ Packed full of behind-the-scenes recruitment insight.

Many major global organisations carry out competency-based or behavioural-based interviews, but many candidates simply do not know how to perform well in these situations. 

In this new eBook, we’ll reveal exactly how a behavioural interview is structured and scored, and teach you how to master the STAR technique so that you deliver offer-winning answers.

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Information about the publisher

The English Meeting Room


Product description

What’s included in this guide?

A complete breakdown of the behavioural or competency-based interview structure, and insider knowledge from experienced recruiters

Includes printable resources that enable you to engage in the process, and truly master the STAR technique

Best practice, insider insight from the world of recruitment

Instant download in an easy-to-read, accessible PDF format


Get completely prepared for your next interview!





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