How to Answer Behavioural Interview Questions | Advanced Video Training

by My Marketability with Diana YK Chan

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Hi! I’m Diana YK Chan.

I’m a former top Recruiter turned Career Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

I help ambitious mid to senior-level professionals, leaders and executives determine what’s next, navigate changes and find a meaningful career.

Whether you want to change careers, switch industries, or get promoted, I can help you stand out as the top 2% candidate to get hired faster and increase your income by 5 or 6 figures more.

I can help you

  • Accelerate your success
  • Become more confident in owning your greatness and self-worth
  • Communicate in a clear, concise and compelling way
  • Differentiate as top talent and the ideal hire
  • Earn more income
  • Figure out what makes you unique and marketable
  • Get more exciting opportunities
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Information about the publisher

My Marketability with Diana YK Chan


Product description

Behavioural interviews are one of the most common interview formats used by modern organisations.


Need help with framing your answers for behavioural interview questions?

If you want to progress your career you need to become familiar with the behavioural interview format, and skilled at framing your answers for this type of interview.

In this My Marketability course, Diana YK Chan will teach you

  • The purpose of behavioural interviews
  • How to prepare for behavioural interviews
  • The common interview mistakes that you need to avoid
  • How to develop a winning mindset
  • How to evaluate the hiring need & competencies required
  • Step-by-step breakdown of the CAR Method to answer behavioural interview questions
  • Strategies & samples in answering these 6 common behavioural interview questions:
  1. Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before. How did you react? What did you learn?
  2. Give an example of when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with. How did you handle interactions with that person?
  3. Tell me about a time when you had to juggle several projects at the same time. What was the result?
  4. Give an example of when you had to go above “the call of duty”.
  5. Tell me your recent success in pitching to a client (or senior management).
  6. Describe how you’ve used data & insights to help create a compelling story and persuade a client (or internal group) to take a specific action.


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With Diana’s help and learning materials, I was able to land a role as a Senior Manager of Product Management at a fintech company with over a 40% salary increase and also negotiated a 5 figure signing bonus”

“Within 12 weeks of working with Diana, I landed a great opportunity with a top consulting firm and relocated from London, UK to Toronto”

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