How to Succeed in Interviews | Develop Your Interviewing Skills Today | 20 Practical Steps to Interview Success

by The English Meeting Room

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Hi, I’m Hannah, welcome to my store!


I have spent years working as an international recruiter, executive resume writer, interview coach and job search strategist. As part of a FTSE100 recruitment company, and as the founder of my own business, I have helped hundreds of professionals land great roles in fantastic organisations.


Named LinkedIn Top Voice 2021 for Job Searching and Careers, I now have the privilege of sharing my knowledge with my network of over 600,000 followers.


Over the course of my career I have reviewed, proof read and written thousands of resumes, and have developed a deep insight into the world of recruitment and hiring. I know what it takes for candidates to land great career opportunities.


That’s why I’m thrilled to bring all of my expertise and experience to this new line of resources. Each resource has been created by me, and incorporates all of the best practice principles that I use when coaching my executive clients – you’re in safe hands!


I believe that everyone should have access to best practice techniques and the resources that give executive candidates a cutting edge.


If you have any questions about my range, or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Wishing you all the best,


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The English Meeting Room


Product description

A Guide to Really Successful Interviews

Years of recruitment and interview coaching expertise crammed into one incredible guide.


Why do you need a copy of this eBook?


Unless you have the right connections, work for the family business or start your own company, it’s pretty safe to say that to progress your career and fulfil your professional goals, you need to be able to interview well.


This eBook is for those of you who are ambitious and want to reach your professional potential, but feel that you are not selling yourself effectively when you interview for positions.


An interview is much like a sales pitch – it’s your opportunity to persuade an employer to buy into you, to invest in you and to take a risk on you.


We believe that everyone has unique value, and the key to a successful interview lies in understanding the value that you bring and being able to effectively and convincingly communicate it in an interview.


In this guide we have detailed 20 steps which we believe will begin to help you towards more successful interviews and more rewarding career opportunities.


Let’s get started!

In this in-depth and easily accessible guide we’ll teach you how to;



Thoroughly prepare for you upcoming interview, leaving no stone unturned

Plan to arrive in the right frame of mind and ready to impress

Dress to impress, but no overdress for the part

Break the ice and connect like a pro

Clarify and communicate your unique selling points

Anticipate and overcome concerns

Use the ‘tell me about yourself’ question to your advantage

Communicate what you can do for the organisation and not simply what you want

Demonstrate positive, engaging energy and body language

Stay positive throughout the interview

Prepare for difficult behavioral questions

Structure your answers and examples in the best possible way

How to take the time to answer effectively

Incorporate powerful storytelling

Make sure you answer the right question

Use I and not we

Rehearse and be your best

Ask (great) questions and avoid the bad ones

End on a positive and memorable note

Get completely prepared for your next interview!



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