4-Part Salary Negotiation Conversation Recipe

by Kate Dixon Salary Negotiation Coach

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Salary negotiation doesn’t have to be scary…especially if you know exactly how to approach the conversation.


Salary negotiation coach Kate Dixon breaks down each piece of the negotiation conversation you’ll have with your recruiter or hiring manager so you can be more confident and competent in negotiating your job offer.


The 4-Part Salary Negotiation Conversation Recipe was designed to combine Kate’s unique insider perspective with neuroscience principles to get her clients the very best results.

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Information about the publisher

Kate Dixon Salary Negotiation Coach Kate Dixon Salary Negotiation Coach


Product description

Learn what to say and how to manage your salary negotiation conversation with The 4-Part Salary Negotiation Conversation Recipe.


This unique toolset gives you access to:

·      4-Part Salary Negotiation Conversation Recipe Audio Guide. Kate will talk you through each step of the conversation, its purpose, and how to approach it.

·     4-Part Salary Negotiation Conversation Recipe Script Set. You’ll get the word-for-word scripts Kate uses in her Audio Guide (including her “7 Magic Words of Salary Negotiation”). 

·        4-Part Salary Negotiation Conversation Recipe Worksheet. Your worksheet will help you lock in your learning and customize your scripts and approach for your unique job offer situation.