Who can sell on JSJ?

We welcome those passionate about helping job seekers find meaningful work by mastering all aspects of job search.

If you are a recruiter, resume writer, career coach, workforce development specialist – we’d love to help you spread the word. Do you specialize in salary negotiations or helping people navigate career change – your expertise is exactly what so many job seekers need.


What can you sell on JSJ?

Job Search Journey (JSJ) is a marketplace where career experts can provide job seekers access to the tools they need for career success. 

Products must be able to be digitally viewed and downloaded and can include courses, templates, worksheets, videos and scripts.


Why should you sell on JSJ?

Boost your reach and visibility, grow your following and your revenue by selling on our site as well as your own – and increase your access to this largely underserved population. 

Who’s looking to land?  

  • 4M US graduating college students annually 
  • 10.7M unemployed job seekers in the US alone. 
  • Passive job seekers who make up 73% of the US workforce 
  • Those who change jobs every 3-4 years. 


Your products. Your way.

You can use our online template to design your own storefront to maintain your identity, build your brand and promote your work! 

You create the products you prefer, in the look you select.


Sales made easy and secure.

No transaction, payment processing or advertising fees. Just list your item on your storefront. Once it sells, you’ll keep 60%. We pay commission payments once a month. 

All payments are processed on our secure, SSL-encrypted platforms to protect you and your buyers.

Ready to get started?

Let’s have a talk and see how you can become a marketplace seller, joining a huge community.