3 Key Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn

July 29, 2021

LinkedIn is THE premier site to expand your professional network and explore career opportunities: a place for finding others and for getting found. According to LinkedIn, 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week. Three people are hired every minute. So how do you maximize your LinkedIn profile and differentiate yourself so that you get noticed? Here are 3 key ways to stand out on LinkedIn and increase your presence on the network.

Boost Your Profile

The most important way to stand out on LinkedIn is with a comprehensive profile. Your LinkedIn profile is your story, and it’s important to tell it well. A profile full of content allows you to capitalize on the platform’s search algorithm and appear higher in search results. It also enables you to paint a clear picture of who you are as a professional.

Start with the right photo for your profile – a full-face headshot that conveys the professional image you want to portray. Then, tell your story.

https://www.jobsearchjourney.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/resume-2.jpgThe Right Headline

You have 120 characters in the headline section on LinkedIn to describe yourself. Think of the headline as the title of your story; it’s important to use all of this section to include keywords to describe your professional talent and stand out.

Recruiters and hiring managers use specific keywords to search for potential candidates for positions on LinkedIn. By customizing your headline rather than defaulting to job title, you can convey the types of roles for which you’re qualified, and increase your chances of appearing in a search. Use the right keywords to showcase yourself.

A Full Summary of Your Talent

LinkedIn gives you 2,600 characters in the summary section to share what you do or describe what opportunities you’re seeking. This section is where you hook a recruiter or hiring manager with your persuasive story of your professional career. Write conversationally, and maximize the use of this section to tell your story.

The summary section is your chance to demonstrate your value and your personal brand. You should explain your qualifications and answer the fundamental questions: “Why me? So what?”

Reflect on your career and your achievements, and, ideally, highlight them with measurable or quantifiable statistics. Also include key skills in your summary section, so recruiters can see how your skills and qualifications align with potential positions.

Don’t Overlook Skills and Accomplishments

The background, skills and accomplishments sections of your LinkedIn profile are there to share the substance of your professional career. Work experience, education, and certifications all give recruiters and hiring managers the nuts and bolts of your professional experience.

Even volunteer experience further adds to your compelling story by illustrating another aspect of your background — your commitment to community or an important cause. And when you list your accomplishments such as awards or publications, you build on your tale of why your talent can’t be overlooked.

Build a Strong Network

After you’ve crafted a rich and compelling story of your talent through a complete profile, use LinkedIn to grow and build a strong network to stand out even further.

The intrinsic value of LinkedIn is the network that you create and use to continue to grow professionally. Connect with peers, managers and customers/clients who have worked closely with you, so that they can give you recommendations and endorsements.

These accolades speak volumes about your ability to lead, execute work, take on challenges and work with others. They give additional credibility to your strengths and skills, and support the story you want to tell about your professional career.

Request and reciprocate! The social equity you’ve built will reap rewards when you need it most.

Stay Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a dynamic snapshot of your professional life, constantly changing with new connections, updates and activity. By staying engaged and active on LinkedIn, you will be strongly positioned to stand out for potential opportunities.

Every time you engage with LinkedIn, whether through commenting, sharing or posting, you shape the perception of those who read your profile. Your activity on the site also strengthens your credibility as a subject matter expert.

Make sure to spend time daily participating on LinkedIn to promote and nurture your personal brand.

  • Regularly post relevant information to your feed
  • Consistently seek out and add connection
  • Leverage the tools available to you: LinkedIn’s search function can help you identify thought leaders, potential connections and companies of interest

You can even view the analytics of your activity on LinkedIn — your posts, shared content and published articles. This capability that LinkedIn offers enables you to gain valuable insight into your impact on your professional network.

Creating and maintaining a strong profile, growing your network and remaining active and engaged on the platform are essential to maximizing your presence and standing out on LinkedIn among the crowd. Take full advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer, and you’ll realize that the more effort you put in, the greater your return on investment.

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